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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Comet's Curse

The Comet’s Curse

    Welcome to Squirrely’s Books and Games blog.  I will be talking about what I have read and what games I am playing.  I usually play action adventure games and mainly read about    everything and anything.  My favorite books are The Hunger Games series, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, Wonder, Mouse Net, The False Prince, and Ravenwood.  I have many favorites these are just some of the best.  My favorite video games are Minecraft Pocket Edition (I don’t have the computer version), Star Wars Lego, Fancy Pants Adventures, Battle Bears Royale, and Jetpack Joy Ride (some of these are on the app store).

    I recently have read The Comet’s Curse.  The Comet’s Curse is about 251 teenagers who are sent into space on the spaceship Galahad because a comet called Bhaktul comes near Earth causing Earth to go through Bhaktul’s tail.  Soon after this event a disease  was in the atmosphere from the comet’s tail.  The disease caused problems in the lungs, symptoms were usually excessive coughing and coughing up blood.  If you like to read mystery book this book is for you.