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Monday, December 31, 2012


I should of made this post early like maybe on Christmas Day but oh well.This is a post about and who came over for Christmas Dinner.
On the 23rd my little cousins, Grace (who is 5) and Kate (who is 3) came over from New York and stayed at our house till the night of Christmas.They were all full of energy and wore me out on the first day of there stay.The next day I slept in latish and they woke before me.I had woken up at around 9:00 (that is latish to me) and came out to see my cousins running around the living room.Once I woke up we went outside for a walk.My youngest cousin tried to ride the scooter but failed so my aunt ,Jennifer, had to ride the small scooter around the block.My uncle ,Nelson, held their hands.Luckily as usual there were no cars on the road.
My aunt ,Joe, and uncle ,Kevin, also came. I know they stayed at a hotel and were in Florida since Friday the 21st. I don't see them often so it was nice to see them.
My grandparents on my dad's side always came down so I see them every year.My grandma came down first and my grandpa came on Sunday the 23rd.They are always nice to see.
My grandparents on my mom's side also came to see us.They live in Florida so I see them more then any of my other relatives or grandparents.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lots of Books and Crafting

Hello my fellow bloggers today I will be talking about the new Minecraft update and 3 of the books I have recently bought and read.

First for the Books
The first book I read was Behemoth.The site that link leads to is actually his blog for the series since it starts with Leviathan. In the story the Leviathan flies to the Ottoman empire to deliver a wee beastie to them as a peace offering. During the visit Alexander and his men escape the ship at night.They then join some revolutionists. Deryn Sharp is a girl who is disguised as a boy.She is disguised so that she can fly.She has changed her name to Dylan Sharp and is a midshipman on the Leviathan.She is a sent on a secret mission to damage some kracken nets that guard the ports of the town.Her three men are found one is killed.She completed her mission and goes to return to her men.She gets away and decides to find and help Alexander.
Read the book to find out more!! (but first read Leviathan)
In Goliath Alek finds out that Deryn is Deryn not Dylan and is a girl (back then girls were not aloud to serve which is why she dressed like a boy).Alek is now trying to not go near Deryn but when they get attacked by some germans they are forced to meet.Alek doesn't mind at all now that he knows.They have become good friends.(can't say more without giving story away.)
This Next Book isn't a sequel to Leviathan
The Always War
The Always War is about how two computers or AI (artificial intelligence) worked a plan to make it seemed like they were fighting a war.The war zone had been evacuated 70 years earlier.The humans thought the other side was there so the used drones to bomb it.The bombs were fake and defective though.Then three kids one military pilot, a girl who had lost her parents, and a common girl who read old books.Find out what happens when the pilot buys a old airplane and flies with two unknown passengers to the war zone.
Minecraft 1.4.6
In 1.4.6 we got fireworks and some bug fixes.The fireworks are awesome I have messed with them on creative.I kind of wish I had the TMI (to many items) mod so I didn't have to craft them though.There is a creeper face, a large ball, a smaller ball, and scatter.It is best to use them at night.They look awesome with bright colors.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lord of the Rings

A while back I read the Lord of the Rings series. I first started out with the Hobbit then I read the whole series.

The Hobbit
I read the Hobbit because a friend of mine had started to read the Fellowship of the Ring. I asked him what the first book in the series.He said the prequel (which means before the story) is called the Hobbit.I went online and bought the Hobbit for kindle. I read it in about a week. I loved the story of Bilbo Baggins and the unexpected adventure.
In the story Bilbo Baggins of the Shire is sitting in his dining room having some tea when Gandalf The Grey knocks on his door. The next day at the same time ,tea time, two dwarves arrived at his door.This went on until there were twelve dwarves.Then Gandalf arrived. The dwarves talked of great riches and dragons and Bilbo just listened as if it were a fairy tale.The next day he went on a uenxpected journey.Read it to find out the rest.
Random quote from Smeagol: "Bagginsess, what tis a Bagginsess?"
The Fellowship of the Ring
Bilbo is done with his adventure and is very old.He has unwillingly given the ring to Frodo Baggins of the Bucks.Frodo now must bring the ring to mount DOOM.In the beginning Frodo and his friends Sam,Pippin, and Merry (all boys Merry is a boy) are going to see the elves.On the way there they have to hide many times from the Ring Wraiths after they arrive they stay for a few months and say hi to Bilbo who is with the elves.They leave to a epic journey you will have to find in the book.
The Two Towers
Frodo and his fellow travelers are now separated. Merry and Pippin are taken by the Orks Borimir is dead Angamar, Gimili, and Legolas must now find there friends. Sam and Frodo are going to Mount Doom.Angamar, Gimili, and Legolas are chasing the orks that have stollen there friends. The orks are cutting through Rohan. It will be there last mistake.The Rohan horse men slay every last ork and burn the bodies.The travelers ask the Rohan men were there friends are.Merry and Pippin have ran into the forest.Will they come out or not? You read it and you will find out.
The Return of the King
In Return of the King I can't say anything with out spoiling it so I will say this.It is pretty much all battle and not much traveling.There are some huge awesomely described battles.Read it please do read it.
In Minecraft I am going to make a huge hobbit hole. It will be up Sat. or Sun. this week.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You, Mr. Pauling

Dear Mr. Pauling and class,

Mountains from the plane
Thank you very much for sending me to Las Vegas on a book mission. My flight to Las Vegas was an un-eventful flight. My dad walked me through security and dropped me off at the gate. He left after I had boarded the plane. Then I had a fun 5 hour flight to Vegas. I first read my book Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan for two hours. Then I played on my iTouch for about 1 hour. I then continued to read for a hour than played on my iTouch (you get the picture). I took pictures of the desert and of the mountains I flew over. When I landed we took a taxi to the MGM Grand which is the hotel we were staying in. 

Chihuly glass at the Bellagio
When I arrived, Mom and I walked through the casino to get to the elevator (the casino was literally right next to the lobby).The air smelled of smoke, because they allowed people to smoke in the casino. We took the elevator to the 22nd floor. We walked to our room which was full of books because of our 3 other roommates/friends also attending the conference. We dropped off our stuff went to take a walk with a friend of my mom’s (Sara K.) to the Bellagio. We saw this huge firework like water display outside the Bellagio. Inside we saw the Chihuly glass. Then we saw this amazing garden that was made for the fall season. We then walked back to our hotel room. That night we went to the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the hotel, but I was so tired I barely ate the pizza I ordered.
with Matt de la Pena author of Mexican WhitBoy
I did not get to dance or learn the can-can as Sidney thought I should but, I got Ninja Weenie by David Lubar (a funny book I think you will like). I had fun as many of you said I would and aside from the art in the lobby of the Bellagio, I also saw the Cirque de Soliel show LOVE which is all Beetles music. I am not yet old enough to gamble but even if I was I would have not, Joseph. I spent most of my money on books. I saw Alan Sitomer whom I met last year, Matt De La Pena, Scott Westerfield, and many more authors. Sorry Mary Linares there were not any Twilight books at the conference, but there were other good ones I tucked in your box. The best part about the line dilemma, Bryan, is that during the first session I was able to be first in line for one of four authors. Bryan you have nothing to fear there are many adventure books. We carried about 200 lbs of books counting the ones that we bought before we met the authors. Sorry, Jacob but I think I got a lot of books. I am pretty sure more than half of your books are signed—not every author of every book in the ALAN book box was there.
Me & Alan Sitomer, author of The Downside of Being Up
For all the readers in your class, I love to read. I have even started to write a little bit about books on my blog Squirrely’s Books & Games (http://squirrleys.blogspot.com). I am going to try and write about the conference this week. On the way home I read Scott Westerfeld’s Levithan. It’s good. It’s about a boy that is technically next in line for the throne of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and war. I’m not quite finished with it yet. I read the seventh book in the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series—that’s a fast read—this one is about Gregory finding a date for the Valentine’s day dance. He fails, unfortunately and his friend dates the girl. I went to my first dance this year, but I didn’t look for a girl to go with. If you don’t like to read, all you have to do is find a good book and there are some good ones in this box, I am sure.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Collin (a.k.a. Squirrely)

Monday, November 19, 2012


Yesterday I arrived in Las Vegas.right when I arrived I went to the cheapest book fare ever.The most expensive hard cover book was 10$.In one place someone told me to take a book for free.I will update again to night.

Today I went to the ALAN cocktail party.I met a author named Alan Sitomer who wrote The Downside of Being Up. I had a lot a fun but I left early because I was very tired from the time change.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Minecraft style

If you have not herd the (not so) new parody of Gangam style it is awesome.You would have to see the one made by Tryhard Ninga, and Captain Sparkles.The animation of it is really good and DFTBA.


Here is a image of the video.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This year I am being my minecraft skin for halloween.I still like trick-or-treating because you get free candy.What is better than free candy?I always get a ton of candy so it lasts up till about May or July.Surprisingly I have never been some thing scary.Have a scary halloween.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nerdcrafteria is not updated for 1.4... yet

Sadly Nerdcrafteria is not updated because of all the plugins they need to update.It would not be fun if nerdcrafteria kept glitching because of not updated plugins.So either you need to wait a week or two, or downgrade or not upudate at all. I my self am going to wait a few weeks and hope for the best.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Minewars texturepack for Minecraft

The other day I downloaded one of the best texture packs ever.The MineWars texture pack changes almost everything.It changes bows to laser guns, wolfs to flame wolfs,pigs to ewoks,zombie pigmen to sith lords,zombies to tuskan raiders, skeletons to storm troopers,and almost all the blocks.

If you download a map it is even better.It is still good on a regular randomly generated map though too.

Minecraft 1.4

I found out today (most likely) that the update 1.4 for minecraft will come out Thursday Oct. 25,2012.I my self can not wait in it there will be witches, bats, wither skeleton,wither boss, and much, much more.
Wither Boss
Also there will be flower pots, carrot on a stick,carrots,potatoes,invisibility potion,and night vision potion.I can not name everything but it will be awesome.Also mod helper will be in minecraft you won't have to download a mod helper for most mods any more.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nerdfighteria and vlogbrothers

The creator of the server were Hank Green and John Green.These men also made the vlogbrothers witch has thousands of followers on youtube.I med John at NCTE last year.I have not met Hank but my mom was his high school english teacher.Every year they do a live broadcasting nonstop for about two days.During this time they are raising money for different charities they call it P4A. They tell you what videos to go to, then you comment as much as you can as fast as you can.Eventually all that shows up for every catagory is P4A P4A it is really fun.I have never made a video my self I just comment as fast as I can.
The vlogbrothers take turns making videos.There is a new video every other day.Please check them out some there videos are really good.During P4A please comment.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yes that is right for all those people who look at this I am a nerdfighter.This is a server for nerdfighters like me. I have only been it twice and it has been open for a week and already there are some people who have plots on DFTBA Avenue (I am saving up for one I can't wait),also there are going to be some apartments in the Hogwarts map they downloaded on to the server. It is awesomer than any other server (not including speedball cause speedball is a different type of server) I have ever talked about.They buit plots near the spawn that you can buy , most are already sold but some were just made today and have not yet been sold. I am looking to buy a plot that cost 8 thousand lammas (that is what they call there currency) right know I have 4500 lammas.The way I get my lammas are killing creepers, skeletons,zombies,and some times a spider.The server gives you lammas when you kill a mob.
There are some pretty cool things built in the plots near spawn.Check out the server and you will find out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have been on my friends server about five times now.It is really awesome, the pvp has this walkway above a ton of jungle trees.There is a ladder right outside the entrance to pvp.Then you don't have to climb a tree just to find out you can't get up there.My other friend has been on long enough to be a moderator.My house will be (I haven't made it yet I will this weekend though) a huge snow castle with snow golems outside of it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

secret daisy pst

i am daisy i am a puppy i had to hac my oners computr.ys i had to hac, it  was reley,Squirrel!!!!! wait no that the profile pic ops.i like socks. soooooocccccckkkkkks. i hav a satilite dish on my head.wate is that blu what the heck i am a girl!?!?!it my be a while til my nects pst se u rond.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This week in Minecraft I tried to spawn a invinsible sheep, why you may ask because my friend said 1 out of 20 times it could work without the mod.  Sadly it didn't work. How did I make the altar simple its a herobrine altar with wool instead of gold.

Monday, August 13, 2012

speedball mineraft server update and Eragon

So for the past month or two I have been playing minecraft speedball there is a early post explaining where and what it is, check it out here.  I now am a captain ranking which means I have diamond armor.  I always am on blue and DFTBA minecraft.


Eragon is about a fifteen year old boy who finds a dragon egg in the spine a very mysterious mountain range, the dragon hatches that night and Eragon becomes a rider.  The only other dragon is Galbatroxis' his dragon is evil and so is the mighty ruler.  Soon the dragon is found out and he must flee from his farm.  This is only the start of his amazing adventure.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

speedball minecraft server

Speedball on minecraft does not need a mod you just need some snowballs.  On this server you play a match around every 2-1/2 or 3 minutes.  The way this server works is you join a team blue or red, then you wait for the other match to end or 30sc in between time.  To get someone out you have to hit them with a snowball, when you hit someone you get a point, and with these points you can level up like 50 points is leather armor,100 is iron, 1000 is gold, and 10000 is diamond.  Everyone on the server at a time will be in one match all together.  The server max is 80 people, so when full 40vs.40.  There are 5 other servers that are the same as this one, literaly same, creator, and same maps you battle on everything.  the ips are pb1.evolutiongaming.org   pb2.evolutiongaming.org   pb3.evolutiongaming.org   pb4.evolutiongaming.org   pb5.evolutiongaming.org pb6.evolutiongaming.org   

 check out creator here: evolutiongaming.org

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minecraft server

Sadly Dafreo server is down because of some stupid hacker (:( ).  But Luckily my friends Sandone and scotsheltie made there own server.  There isn't that much stuff but if i am not on and scot is tell him you know squirrel440, and he might let u be on creative mode to build your house(:)).  Now for some facts about the server ,do not destroy spawn it is not protected by anything if you do you will be banned, do not ask for op if you do you will be banned, and sadly only eight people can be on at a time right now but it is still pretty fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shadow Children 2

I just finished 2-4 of the Shadow Children series.

In the second Shadow Children Among the Imposters, Luke uses his new identity and goes to Hendricks school for boys.  At the school Luke/Lee is confused and doesnt know where to go.  One day he finds a open door, it leads to the outside.  Luke stayed out side all day that day.  The next time he went was when he only went out after lunch and right before dinner.  Every week he would go outside then one week his garden he was making had been destroyed.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Minecraft is the subject we will be talking about today.

For the past couple days my friends and i have been playing on this multiplayer server that was created by supremecraft.  The servers ip is dafreo.sytes.net, and if you want to join my friends village just look at the player list and see if squirrel440 is on. Then type in /tpa squirre440.  This server is a very fun server but if you attack me I will ban you from the village.   I am the head of security and if you wnt to be a gaurd just ask me and i will give a iron or gold helmet.  If you are a security gaurd there are two shifts one night shift if your up for and one day.  every time you complete a shift you will get 4 logs.  This server lags alot but just out your graphics on fast and it wont lag to much.  A sponge will protect your house in a 20x20x10 area this means no one that is not aparrt of your sponge can not open doors, but they can close them.  A sighn will lock anything from encantment tables to chests it will not lock crafting tables though.  to accept a tpa type in /tpa accept.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holes and Minecraft

The latest book I read was Holes, Holes is about a boy who is wrongly accused from stealing shoes from the homeless foundation and is sentenced to go to Camp Green Lake.  At the camp there is no lake there used to be but it is know just a barren desert. Every day the boys at the camp go out and dig a hole five feet by five feet, which is just as long as there shovel.  The main character Stanley Yelnats always has bad luck why because his great-great-great-grandfather did not listen to Mrs. Zeroni and was punished with bad luck for all his decedents.


For the past couple days I have been playing Minecraft and I actually found a server I like!  Of course I am not as good as the other people on the server.  One guy killed me at my house twice for fun, set it on fire, and took my water melon seeds and my other farming products sadly I don't know his name but I want to destroy him.  Also please tell me some fun mods if you know any.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Insurgent and school is out so I can post

I can finally post since school is out and in May I got Minecraft for the PC.

Insurgent is the great sequel to Divergent about Beatrice Prior who goes from the humble Abnegation to the fierce,dangerous, and fearless Dauntless.  The five factions are crumbling after the brain-dead Dauntless woke from the attack on Abnegation to get the file that explains everything.  The Erudite where in charge of the simulation that killed almost all the Abnegation.  Beatrice at this point is known as Tris a name she gave herself when she became a initiate.  Know to Insurgent after all the grief that she gained from shooting one of her best friends she throws herself into dangerous situations.  When Candor headquarters is attacked the Dauntless decide to execute the prisoner of war and leave.  Deciding to go to the old Dauntless headquarters they shoot all the cameras with paintball guns ending up with a paintball fight.

Know to Minecraft  I have been playing for a while so on creative mode I blew up villages and had a awesome time.  On survival mode I live in a tree, died twice, and shot a arrow once then died and lost my bow.  I really want to make a huge statue of something I don,t care just not my skin because my skin is a awesome but hard to make green assasin.  Also if you play on a cool server tell me because I don't know any.  Also have you ever of the war mod that allows you to have to teams that can be in any time basicaly and battle? If so tell me!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artemis Fowl

sorry for not  posting I got a puppy so I have been pretty busy.

Artemis fowl is about a 11 year old boy who is searching for a fairy.  When he found one his Butler took out a camera and took a picture of every page of the book.  The book was close to Egyptian writing but still differentt.   After de-coding the book he found out that a fairy that is low on magic must complete a ritual before they get there magic back.   He then went to a river bend every night to see if a fairy was to complete the ritual.

Far underground a city named the Haven is buzzing with life.  Holly Short is a LEPrecon officer.  Her boss named Julius known as Root.  Holly is the only female LEPrecon officer.  When on a mission to capture a troll that is on the lose she can not shield herself from the humans. Root tells her to don't come back till you complete the ritual.  Once at the river bend she is taken hostage by Artemis.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Sorry for not posting I just have been busy reading 3 different books.  I will post about these for the next couple days.

 The Art of Racing in the Rain is about a dog named Enzo who would love to be able to race.  Enzo is the teller of the story.  His master is a formula racer and is the best at driving on a wet track.  His master gets married and has one daughter.  Sadly he is at a track racing the day she is born.  Couple of years later his wife is diagnosed with brain cancer.  Two years later she dies.

The game I some times play (when on the Wii ) is sword-play showdown on Wii Sports Resort.  I have gotten to the bridge level reverse (which is after regular mode).  Your Mii has three lives, and the enemies can have one or two lives ( bosses have three lives ).  If there is a huge group of guys that have one life I just swing randomly.  For the ones who have two lives I swing parallel to there block, if I recoul from there block I try to block there attack.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I finished LarkLight  today. I am going to expierement with a list in the comments say what you like best (summary or lists).                                

favorite parts
1.Escaping spider's castle
2.Talking to thunder head
3.The Potter Moth attacks
4.Myrtle being held captive on Mars.
5.Deafeating Mr. Webster

If Mr.Webster (evil huge spider) played Minecraft he would probaly destroy all the worlds and make a empire of all the rubble.  He would reproduce and make thousands of spiders, the spiders would help build the empire.  The webby world would destroy all other living forms.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horton Halfpott plays Minecraft

Yesterday I reread Horton HalfpottHorton Halfpott is about a  boy named Horton Halfpott, the story began when M'lady Luggertuck loosened her corset causing her to not be as angry.  All of the servants started to slack off a bit.  Horton never slacked off because he need to help his family by getting money to pay for a doctor for his father.  One day M'lady Luggertuck received a letter from her sister, saying that her son Montegeo fancied a lady visiting nearby Smugwick Manor, and asked to have ball.  Know Luther a greedy fiend knew the lady, whom was very rich, and so he devised a plot to force her into marriage.

Last night I was over at my friends house and just my luck he owned Minecraft(on the computer)!  so we played for two hours back and forth, back and forth.  We made a 4 by 4 block square 5 blocks high of  TNT spawned about 100 creepers in there and blew it up. The explosion made us hit rock bottom of the Minecraft world.  We also made a nether portal and blew up  Nether ruins (which are awesome).  I picked a fight with a blaze, killed some zombie pigmen, and saw a Ghast.  Sadly the game crashed soon after.

If Horton Halfpott played Minecraft he would probaly build a hospital for his dad.  The hospital would be for free so he would not have to work at Smugwick Manor.  He would have the best doctors from around the world come and treat his father.  After his father was healed he would let the NPC villagers be healed and treated and help make a house for his whole family.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Comet's Curse

The Comet’s Curse

    Welcome to Squirrely’s Books and Games blog.  I will be talking about what I have read and what games I am playing.  I usually play action adventure games and mainly read about    everything and anything.  My favorite books are The Hunger Games series, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, Wonder, Mouse Net, The False Prince, and Ravenwood.  I have many favorites these are just some of the best.  My favorite video games are Minecraft Pocket Edition (I don’t have the computer version), Star Wars Lego, Fancy Pants Adventures, Battle Bears Royale, and Jetpack Joy Ride (some of these are on the app store).

    I recently have read The Comet’s Curse.  The Comet’s Curse is about 251 teenagers who are sent into space on the spaceship Galahad because a comet called Bhaktul comes near Earth causing Earth to go through Bhaktul’s tail.  Soon after this event a disease  was in the atmosphere from the comet’s tail.  The disease caused problems in the lungs, symptoms were usually excessive coughing and coughing up blood.  If you like to read mystery book this book is for you.