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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holes and Minecraft

The latest book I read was Holes, Holes is about a boy who is wrongly accused from stealing shoes from the homeless foundation and is sentenced to go to Camp Green Lake.  At the camp there is no lake there used to be but it is know just a barren desert. Every day the boys at the camp go out and dig a hole five feet by five feet, which is just as long as there shovel.  The main character Stanley Yelnats always has bad luck why because his great-great-great-grandfather did not listen to Mrs. Zeroni and was punished with bad luck for all his decedents.


For the past couple days I have been playing Minecraft and I actually found a server I like!  Of course I am not as good as the other people on the server.  One guy killed me at my house twice for fun, set it on fire, and took my water melon seeds and my other farming products sadly I don't know his name but I want to destroy him.  Also please tell me some fun mods if you know any.

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