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Friday, June 29, 2012


Minecraft is the subject we will be talking about today.

For the past couple days my friends and i have been playing on this multiplayer server that was created by supremecraft.  The servers ip is dafreo.sytes.net, and if you want to join my friends village just look at the player list and see if squirrel440 is on. Then type in /tpa squirre440.  This server is a very fun server but if you attack me I will ban you from the village.   I am the head of security and if you wnt to be a gaurd just ask me and i will give a iron or gold helmet.  If you are a security gaurd there are two shifts one night shift if your up for and one day.  every time you complete a shift you will get 4 logs.  This server lags alot but just out your graphics on fast and it wont lag to much.  A sponge will protect your house in a 20x20x10 area this means no one that is not aparrt of your sponge can not open doors, but they can close them.  A sighn will lock anything from encantment tables to chests it will not lock crafting tables though.  to accept a tpa type in /tpa accept.

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