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Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been reading but I just have not posted about the books so today I am posting about Everlost, the first book to be posted about in a while.

Everlost is a separate world from the living world. It is in the same place and the same time as the living world. Children, only children go to Everlost. Everlost is a place for things that were so loved that they will always be alive. In Ever lost memory is more powerful than gravity. If you forget how you look you can change how you look. You can forget your name in Everlost. If you try hard to forget something you will never forget it. It takes 9 months for you to wake up after entering Everlost. Allie and Nick both died in the same car crash. They woke up at the same time. Nick was on his way to a funeral and Allie, I forgot wear Allie was going. Nick was eating a chocolate bar so he had chocolate on his face. When they wake they meet Liefe. Liefe has been in his forest for 200 years. He will leave that day. What awaits them in Everlost find out by reading the book.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Investopedia (stock simulator)

Investopedia symbol
chicken that inspired me
Investopedia is a stock market encyclopedia. It also has a stock market simulator. I joined this because I am interested in the stock market. It is fun in a way that I just gained 17 dollars on say Microsoft. I sadly am not home when the market is open usually so I have to order after hours and receive when the market opens. Today Disney gained .10% from when they opened, BUT I bought it at $62.01 IT CLOSED at 62.00 I just lost 25 cents since I owned 25 shares. That is kind of how it works.
Also this
weekend I plan on making another skin. This skin is going to have a chicken on the back of a hoodie or shirt. I was inspired by a Google image of a minecraft chicken. I will post pictures when that is done.As well minecraft 1.6 will becoming out some time this May.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Google says

Today I am going to go on Google and type the word how and half of  the letters in the alphabet and write the funniest thing that pops up. (If it says something bad I will not write it)

How A- "How animals eat" Some body told me to look this up. I have not yet even though it sounds hilarious.
How B- "How bad do you want it" I want it really really bad.
How C- "How country feels" I just want to ask, what does this mean?
How D- "Hod did Bob Marley die"Who is Bob Marley? (sorry if he was famous I don't know about him)
How E- "How effective is plan B" What exactly is plan B?
How F- "How far along am I" I don't know ask some one else.
How G- "How great thou art" Don't know depend on what you say is art.
How H- "How high" REALLY REALLY high.
How I- "How is baby formed" Incorrect grammar!!
How J- "How j say" I don't know ask j.
How K- "How Kourtney lost weight"By probably doing a LOT of push ups.
How L- "How long to boil corn on a cob" L was kind of sad.
How M- "How many of me" Try asking Me you might find out.

picture of "How many of me"
If you want me to do this again leave a comment.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Minecraft 1.6 snapshots

The other day I was reading about minecraft 1.6 the update. It has not updated but one rumor is confirmed NO MORE REDSTONE. There will be some new mobs one being a horse. Mojang is actually working with the creators of mo-creatures to do this. Some people want there to be more water animals in the water biomes since that really does need a update. I also think they need to add squirrels and make cows ride able with the saddle. That would be fun riding a cow. Adding corn would be cool too. If they add sharks and dolphins you should be able to ride them as well with a saddle for faster traveling. Also make the saddle craft able. This is what might be in it and what I want to be in it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fantasy of Flight

Yesterday I went to Fantasy of Flight. This place is owned by Kermit Weeks. Kermit owns the largest collection of WWII air planes. I have a lot of good pictures. There is ethier a fake B-52 or a real one that you can walk inside of in the entrance. That day he was flying the p-51 mustang and there were also a ton of mustang cars near the grass runway. I got some pictures of him flying that as well. Here are the pics: (I took these with a digital Cannon camera) I took in total 85 pictures.

cool looking plane
Experimental helicopter

There is some cool stuff at Fantasy of Flight. Go to there website here.
Huge passenger plane.