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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Investopedia (stock simulator)

Investopedia symbol
chicken that inspired me
Investopedia is a stock market encyclopedia. It also has a stock market simulator. I joined this because I am interested in the stock market. It is fun in a way that I just gained 17 dollars on say Microsoft. I sadly am not home when the market is open usually so I have to order after hours and receive when the market opens. Today Disney gained .10% from when they opened, BUT I bought it at $62.01 IT CLOSED at 62.00 I just lost 25 cents since I owned 25 shares. That is kind of how it works.
Also this
weekend I plan on making another skin. This skin is going to have a chicken on the back of a hoodie or shirt. I was inspired by a Google image of a minecraft chicken. I will post pictures when that is done.As well minecraft 1.6 will becoming out some time this May.

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