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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Google says

Today I am going to go on Google and type the word how and half of  the letters in the alphabet and write the funniest thing that pops up. (If it says something bad I will not write it)

How A- "How animals eat" Some body told me to look this up. I have not yet even though it sounds hilarious.
How B- "How bad do you want it" I want it really really bad.
How C- "How country feels" I just want to ask, what does this mean?
How D- "Hod did Bob Marley die"Who is Bob Marley? (sorry if he was famous I don't know about him)
How E- "How effective is plan B" What exactly is plan B?
How F- "How far along am I" I don't know ask some one else.
How G- "How great thou art" Don't know depend on what you say is art.
How H- "How high" REALLY REALLY high.
How I- "How is baby formed" Incorrect grammar!!
How J- "How j say" I don't know ask j.
How K- "How Kourtney lost weight"By probably doing a LOT of push ups.
How L- "How long to boil corn on a cob" L was kind of sad.
How M- "How many of me" Try asking Me you might find out.

picture of "How many of me"
If you want me to do this again leave a comment.

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