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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I , Q Sorry I have not posted

In IQ Angela and Quest are stopping a ghost cell. First before they know this they go to there parent's wedding. Angela's mom was a Secret Service agent. She died in a mysterious bombing at Independence Hall. Her dad is know marrying Q's mom. After the marriage they will be going on tour with there band match.


In minecraft I found a dwarf vs zombie server. It is 24/7,and no white list  If there is not a admin on there will be two assassins. If there is a admin on there will be a Ender dragon. After you kill the Ender Dragon or if it is midnight the mobs will come out. You can not win you will eventually get over run. After the first shrine there is the final shrine. You have to protect the shrine mainly from the zombies. If the zombies sacrifice themselves on the shrine you will have to go to the final shrine. On the final Shrine there are usually more mobs then dwarves. Protect it as long as you can.

Again sorry I have been very busy this week and last week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slice of Life

I don't always do this but this but might  as well.Today is Tuesday tome for the Slice of Life and another book that  I finished over the weekend.
For this weeks Slice I am going to talk about how John Green is going to talk to the president in a video chat. What did you say, yes John Green is going to talk to the President at around 4 o'clock on Thursday also known as Valentines day. It will be live streamed on You-tube. I can not wait this is almost better than Carnegie Hall, almost. He will only be able to talk to him for a little bit but on his latest post he is willing to take questions.

Now for the book I read
Invincible is in the same series as Infinity so if you want the link for there website go to that post.In Invincible Nick Gautier is still having problems with demons. This time though it is coming from the school.When the new football coach comes in he seems alright. Ready to kick him out of the school but alright.Then a four-teen year old boy is murdered. There are more murders. Then one of the students lockers is found to have drugs in it. The student goes to jail and is killed that night. Find out what happens to Nick by reading the book.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                                                                               by: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Infinity is a whole new series.It is the first book to the Chronicles of Nick. This is not the usual book I would read but it is surprisingly good.

Nick Gautier is 15 year old whose mom works at a strip club. He is very poor but goes to a private school because he passed a exam. He doesn't like wearing the shirts he has to wear but he needs to have clothes. One day he goes to school and Brian a pretty normal kid just attacked and bit off part of his best friends arm. No one knows what just happen but by listening to the police he finds out there have been several cannibalistic attacks. What is causing this, find out by reading the book.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alchemyst update

Sorry I have not posted I just have been a bit busy.

The Warlock
In the Warlock (I'm starting to forget the story should of made this early) Josh has been taught fire. Since Mars awoke him he can control him at times. John Dee tells Mars to bring Josh to him.Josh leaves in this trance and goes to Dee.There Dee tries to bring a Archon into the world. Josh is going to be a sacrifice shall we say for  the Archon since she is very hungry.The Archon is not beautiful but is very ugly. Virginia Dare who is sided with Dee put a spell on Josh so he will see the Archon as a Beautiful lady.Sophie follows Josh because she is his twin. When she sees the Archon she sees her as she is. Attacking the Archon she causes her brother to side with Dee.Find out what this causes by reading the book.

The Enchantress
In Enchantress Mars is released from his stone aura and goes out to kill Dee. When he gets to San Francisco  he finds Dee is gone back in time with Josh and Sophie.He decides to go and see Tsagagal (don't know how many "a"s sorry). She tells him and the others to go and protect the city from the monsters on Alcatraz. When they get there they are overwhelmed do the die or do the live, find out by reading the book.