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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alchemyst update

Sorry I have not posted I just have been a bit busy.

The Warlock
In the Warlock (I'm starting to forget the story should of made this early) Josh has been taught fire. Since Mars awoke him he can control him at times. John Dee tells Mars to bring Josh to him.Josh leaves in this trance and goes to Dee.There Dee tries to bring a Archon into the world. Josh is going to be a sacrifice shall we say for  the Archon since she is very hungry.The Archon is not beautiful but is very ugly. Virginia Dare who is sided with Dee put a spell on Josh so he will see the Archon as a Beautiful lady.Sophie follows Josh because she is his twin. When she sees the Archon she sees her as she is. Attacking the Archon she causes her brother to side with Dee.Find out what this causes by reading the book.

The Enchantress
In Enchantress Mars is released from his stone aura and goes out to kill Dee. When he gets to San Francisco  he finds Dee is gone back in time with Josh and Sophie.He decides to go and see Tsagagal (don't know how many "a"s sorry). She tells him and the others to go and protect the city from the monsters on Alcatraz. When they get there they are overwhelmed do the die or do the live, find out by reading the book.

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