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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slice of Life

I don't always do this but this but might  as well.Today is Tuesday tome for the Slice of Life and another book that  I finished over the weekend.
For this weeks Slice I am going to talk about how John Green is going to talk to the president in a video chat. What did you say, yes John Green is going to talk to the President at around 4 o'clock on Thursday also known as Valentines day. It will be live streamed on You-tube. I can not wait this is almost better than Carnegie Hall, almost. He will only be able to talk to him for a little bit but on his latest post he is willing to take questions.

Now for the book I read
Invincible is in the same series as Infinity so if you want the link for there website go to that post.In Invincible Nick Gautier is still having problems with demons. This time though it is coming from the school.When the new football coach comes in he seems alright. Ready to kick him out of the school but alright.Then a four-teen year old boy is murdered. There are more murders. Then one of the students lockers is found to have drugs in it. The student goes to jail and is killed that night. Find out what happens to Nick by reading the book.

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