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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I , Q Sorry I have not posted

In IQ Angela and Quest are stopping a ghost cell. First before they know this they go to there parent's wedding. Angela's mom was a Secret Service agent. She died in a mysterious bombing at Independence Hall. Her dad is know marrying Q's mom. After the marriage they will be going on tour with there band match.


In minecraft I found a dwarf vs zombie server. It is 24/7,and no white list  If there is not a admin on there will be two assassins. If there is a admin on there will be a Ender dragon. After you kill the Ender Dragon or if it is midnight the mobs will come out. You can not win you will eventually get over run. After the first shrine there is the final shrine. You have to protect the shrine mainly from the zombies. If the zombies sacrifice themselves on the shrine you will have to go to the final shrine. On the final Shrine there are usually more mobs then dwarves. Protect it as long as you can.

Again sorry I have been very busy this week and last week.

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