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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lion, The Witch,and The Wardrobe Slice of Life

For the past 3 weeks  I have been reading LWW in class. I was reading it in class because I was not aloud to read a head.
The best part was when Aslan jumped over the castle walls. The most exiting part was when Peter killed Maugrim. The worst part was when Aslan died. This is a new format for my blogging say if you like it or not in the comments. (Personally I don't like just wanted to test it)


  1. How was the book different for you this time reading it--in class in instead of on your own? I wonder.

  2. Great to see you posting! I remember the Narnia books vividly from childhood, and almost cried in the theater when I saw the first trailer. I got to share the joy with my son via read alouds and it was just as magical.

  3. I remember being sad when Aslan died, too, when I read the book and wondering, why did that happen? Then, years later, I was reading LWW to my son and I got sad all over again. But I guess that makes for a good book when it touches your emotions. Great post. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr. Hodgson
    PS -- You should think about posting some book reviews at The Nerdy Book Club Jr.

    1. I think i might just look at the nerdy book club jr thing thank you for telling me