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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slice of Life: Minecraft Battle For Conway Castle

This Slice is about Minecraft THE BATTLE FOR CONWAY CASTLE. There are about 4-5 maps were you will battle with the other team. The maps are: Conway, another Castle, Mines of Moria, and a Island with Pirates. My favorite is either Mines of Moria or the other castle.  All of these maps were actually made by the owner of the server Rockslides.The Mines of Moria are fun because there are so many places a archer can get to and shoot the unknowing team underneath. Also if your in that spot there are no torches so it is hard to see you. Also on the mines there is this part with these huge pillars that get smaller as they go up. it is really fun to climb as high as possible on those pillars and fire down. I beat my 5 killstreak record up there. My stats are not the best I have like 43 points. I also am a archer so when I see a swordsman I run away fast. I do this because even though four arrows take down a swordsmen they are dangerous when near by. They will purposely chase 2 archers than chase 1 other swordsmen just to get the kills. When you are a archer you have 48 arrows and a power 1 bow. It takes 3 fully charged hits to kill another archer. As a archer you don't get many kills you really only weaken the enemy while the swordsmen and spears men whack away at them. The ip is thedarkage.nl .The website is http://thedarkage.enjin.com/forum .

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