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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slice of Life: Alex Rider 2

Today I am going to talk about the next two books in the Alex Rider series. I also will talk about the Minecraft Forge 1.5 update. For starters the Forge 1.5 is horrible. One reason might be that I don't know how to install a new Forge update. I also tried to by deleting the bin folder and running minecraft like the forums says you should do. I did this installed the new forge and Minecraft would not load. How bout it folks it wouldn't work. I kind of want to try mod loader because people online say it is more reliable than Universal Forge.  I do not want to get mod loader because Forge seems to have better mods on it like clay soldiers.
Now for Alex Rider. In the Point Blank and Alex Rider almost dies, again. In Point Blank Alex is sent to a boarding school for rich kids. He is sent as Alex Friend son of a major super market company. The kids here are all troubled and have bad pasts such as stealing and such on. At this school they suddenly have manners. Then two of the fathers of kids here die 1 week a part. MI6 looks into it what do they find read the book.

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