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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

speedball minecraft server

Speedball on minecraft does not need a mod you just need some snowballs.  On this server you play a match around every 2-1/2 or 3 minutes.  The way this server works is you join a team blue or red, then you wait for the other match to end or 30sc in between time.  To get someone out you have to hit them with a snowball, when you hit someone you get a point, and with these points you can level up like 50 points is leather armor,100 is iron, 1000 is gold, and 10000 is diamond.  Everyone on the server at a time will be in one match all together.  The server max is 80 people, so when full 40vs.40.  There are 5 other servers that are the same as this one, literaly same, creator, and same maps you battle on everything.  the ips are pb1.evolutiongaming.org   pb2.evolutiongaming.org   pb3.evolutiongaming.org   pb4.evolutiongaming.org   pb5.evolutiongaming.org pb6.evolutiongaming.org   

 check out creator here: evolutiongaming.org

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minecraft server

Sadly Dafreo server is down because of some stupid hacker (:( ).  But Luckily my friends Sandone and scotsheltie made there own server.  There isn't that much stuff but if i am not on and scot is tell him you know squirrel440, and he might let u be on creative mode to build your house(:)).  Now for some facts about the server ,do not destroy spawn it is not protected by anything if you do you will be banned, do not ask for op if you do you will be banned, and sadly only eight people can be on at a time right now but it is still pretty fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shadow Children 2

I just finished 2-4 of the Shadow Children series.

In the second Shadow Children Among the Imposters, Luke uses his new identity and goes to Hendricks school for boys.  At the school Luke/Lee is confused and doesnt know where to go.  One day he finds a open door, it leads to the outside.  Luke stayed out side all day that day.  The next time he went was when he only went out after lunch and right before dinner.  Every week he would go outside then one week his garden he was making had been destroyed.