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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

World of Tanks

I went to a friends house this weekend to watch a Lord of the Rings movie. The movie was awesome and when I arrived he, his brother ,and their dad were all playing World of Tanks.
Tier 1 T1 cunningham.
The next day I downloaded, and installed the game. It took my nice 1 year old computer about 2 and a half hours to install and update. The game is free so if you don't like it no cost. ALSO watch tutorial videos before you play. There are a lot of controls. If you want to play here is a link. LINK
This game runs on Tiers. Tier 1 tanks are small and easy to destroy. The Tiers go all the way up to tier 10. I am a Tier 3 light tank. Thier are 5 different tanks: light,medium,heavy,artillery, and tank destroyers.
When I first played in my first battle I was the T1 Cunningham. This tank is a small light tank that is very fast. I liked it so much I decided to keep it when I upgraded to the M2 tank. I still have when I upgraded to the Tier 3 light tank.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slam Camp

On Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday I went to a Poetry Slam Camp with 11 other people. This camp was amazing. I got to do it for free since my mom was helping out with the camp. At the camp I met some really nice people who write poetry. At that time on the first day I did not know how to write poetry. I did know how to write rhymes and hiakus but those were for school. Poetry written as a assignment is not poetry at all. Poetry comes from the heart. Here is one of the poems I wrote at the camp.

My Inner Editor

My inner editor abuses me.
He beats me down and tells me it won't work.
He tells me to erase or scratch out.
To rip up and throw out.
I try to make him happy by doing what he says,
But he'll never be happy,
Unless I fail,
He has ruined essays and short stories
book reports and journal entries.
But I can't stop listening,
I've tried distracting him
no,no I won't just go,
mow the lawn or do the dishes or fold the sheets
but so far he just sits there watching me listen to him.

I am still editing this piece poems should be written over hours not minutes. Also at this slam camp I learned how to perform my poetry. I have started to write 2 more poems but they are not done yet.

On the day of the slam (Tuesday) we had a Preliminary which is a slam before the slam. I got dead last with my poem but I still did a good job with 21 points. Before the slam we the poets had a talk. We talked about what our poem was about. After that we became the Slam Family (that is what I call it).

After the slam there was a open mike round. Anyone could go up and perform a poem. That is when I went in front of 50 something teachers and said that poem above these paragraphs. I was a little nervous but I think I did good. 


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star wars book

When I was in the car driving to Michigan I re-read a lot of books. When I got to Michigan I bought a book called Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact. I got it because I had the Republic Commando game (I had not yet installed the game then). This book was about another squad that all the members of the squad were the only survivors of their other squads after Geonosis. They are sent on their first mission to Quillira to find and sabotage separatist's buildings. They are in a old but supped up farm vehicle so they can drop in unnoticed. The vehicle breaks down and Darman is the last of his squad (Fi,Atin,and Niner) out of the ship spraining his ankle on landing. I think this book is well written and has a good story. Don't forget to read the sequel if you like it. Go to Karen Traviss's website here.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Road Trip to Michigan

For the last 3 weeks I have been on a road trip to Michigan. I just got back two nights ago at 1:45. We went to Petoskey to see my mom's side of the family. While we were there we did a lot of stuff.

Walking in a thinner part of the cave.

Following the ranger to the cave's entrance.
We first stopped at Mammoth Cave for 3 nights. And we went on 2 tours. The first tour that we went on was 1/4 of a mile and took 2 hours, it was at the new entrance. Our second tour we went on was the Historic tour it was 2 miles long and took 2 hours. We entered the cave at the old entrance for that tour. (That is me in the green jacket)

My dog daisy watching for squirrels with her ball.

American spoon Jam at the American spoon store and restaurant.
When we got to Petoskey Michigan we went to the condo we were sharing with my Grandparents. For the first few days we relaxed and went shopping in downtown Petoskey. Once my aunt, uncle, and cousin got here we were more active. One day all we did was visit with family and go out to dinner. I thought it was a nice day.

One day we went to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. We climbed all the way to the top. My dad and I didn't way our shoes up the sand so our feet got a little burnt when we got close to the top. We also went to Mackinac Island. On Mackinac there are no cars you either ride a bike or a horse drawn buggie. We also bought some famous Mackinac fudge. The fudge was delicious. We took a bike tour where you ride around the Island. Over all I think Mackinac Island was the best part of our trip to Michigan.

On the way back to Florida we stopped in Ohio to see one of my Mom's friends. Sarah and Micheal had three dogs two were Papillions.  One was so small that it only weighed 4 pounds! There dogs were very cute and Micheal had taught them tricks. One trick was to jump over his leg the other was to spin. The drive to Ohio was 8 hours long.
 The next day we got up late and got home late. It was a 16 hour drive and we got home at 1:45. Surprisingly my dog did not bark to much in the car. I also read a couple a books I hadn't read yet  and I will post about those in the next couple days.