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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slam Camp

On Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday I went to a Poetry Slam Camp with 11 other people. This camp was amazing. I got to do it for free since my mom was helping out with the camp. At the camp I met some really nice people who write poetry. At that time on the first day I did not know how to write poetry. I did know how to write rhymes and hiakus but those were for school. Poetry written as a assignment is not poetry at all. Poetry comes from the heart. Here is one of the poems I wrote at the camp.

My Inner Editor

My inner editor abuses me.
He beats me down and tells me it won't work.
He tells me to erase or scratch out.
To rip up and throw out.
I try to make him happy by doing what he says,
But he'll never be happy,
Unless I fail,
He has ruined essays and short stories
book reports and journal entries.
But I can't stop listening,
I've tried distracting him
no,no I won't just go,
mow the lawn or do the dishes or fold the sheets
but so far he just sits there watching me listen to him.

I am still editing this piece poems should be written over hours not minutes. Also at this slam camp I learned how to perform my poetry. I have started to write 2 more poems but they are not done yet.

On the day of the slam (Tuesday) we had a Preliminary which is a slam before the slam. I got dead last with my poem but I still did a good job with 21 points. Before the slam we the poets had a talk. We talked about what our poem was about. After that we became the Slam Family (that is what I call it).

After the slam there was a open mike round. Anyone could go up and perform a poem. That is when I went in front of 50 something teachers and said that poem above these paragraphs. I was a little nervous but I think I did good. 


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