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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

World of Tanks

I went to a friends house this weekend to watch a Lord of the Rings movie. The movie was awesome and when I arrived he, his brother ,and their dad were all playing World of Tanks.
Tier 1 T1 cunningham.
The next day I downloaded, and installed the game. It took my nice 1 year old computer about 2 and a half hours to install and update. The game is free so if you don't like it no cost. ALSO watch tutorial videos before you play. There are a lot of controls. If you want to play here is a link. LINK
This game runs on Tiers. Tier 1 tanks are small and easy to destroy. The Tiers go all the way up to tier 10. I am a Tier 3 light tank. Thier are 5 different tanks: light,medium,heavy,artillery, and tank destroyers.
When I first played in my first battle I was the T1 Cunningham. This tank is a small light tank that is very fast. I liked it so much I decided to keep it when I upgraded to the M2 tank. I still have when I upgraded to the Tier 3 light tank.

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