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Sunday, August 11, 2013

School and a couple books

I am really sorry I have not been posting. I have just been working at my mom's school organizing her room and filling up a dumpster.I also have been working on my summer reading assignment. I also went camping last weekend with some friends of mine. I also have just been plain lazy.

The things I will post about today: Minecraft Hide and Seek server, how easy it is to mod Star Wars Battlefront 2,The Enemy,and camping last weekend. This is what I will post about today so lets get started.

Minecraft Hide and Seek server.
This server is a mini-game server, so this server has a hub. At the hub there are 3-4 options Arcade, Survival Games, Whats Happening in Minevyle, and I forgot the other one if it is real. I go to the Arcade which has Splegg, One In Chamber, and Hide n' Seek. 
Splegg is basically spleef but you shoot eggs at the blocks instead of punching the blocks. Also there are more than one level, EXAMPLE you start on the top, then you get splegged down to the middle, your there for awhile then splegged to the bottom. This is a very strange spleef but surprisingly fun.
I don't really know what One In Chamber (onein) is really. What I do know is you have 1 arrow that I be leave is a shot a kill and you have a wooden sword. This is all I know about onein.
Hide n' Seek is where there is 1 seeker and he has to find the hiders. The hiders are random blocks that can hide in that environment. So you can't be a cobblestone block on a map where there is no cobblestone. Once you have found a good hiding spot you just stand still for 5 seconds and you become a solid minecraft block. You can not be a solid block where there is already a block. Once your fellow hiders are hiding you can jump on top of them as if there were a block. I suggest hiding up high or in a hidden corner.

A crazy XL map of Geonosis
 The server ip is hivemc.eu and here is a link to there forums.

How Easy it is to mod Star Wars Battlefront 2 (STWB2)
 It is VERY easy to modify STWB2  all you have to do is go to your c drive in computer, then go to programsfiles (x86), go to Lucusarts, then go to STWB2, go to gamedata, create a new file called addon and place your mod or map there. I have about 40-50 maps. Some are just the characters are really amped up or there are new characters or the map looks amazing. If you want to see a good map review go to K0noa on youtube he makes amazing STWB2 map reviews.

Camping last Weekend
Last Weekend I went camping with my friends. We went to the Fort Wilderness campsite. My friend and I mainly just biked around the camp ground and went into the Disney shops. We also one day went on one of those little boats you can drive around. Those were sort of fun but we got stuck in a no wake zone and my motor was really slow. My idle speed was a lot slower than everyone else's. Other than that we went to the pool and at night we went to this other pool that nobody goes to and just had fun, since there was probably only 5 other people in the pool than us. I had a wonderful time and the rain kept most of the heat away.

The Enemy
The Enemy is about how everyone above the age of 15 dies of a sickness or becomes a zombie. So this leaves all the 14 year olds and younger in charge. Most die right away to scared to do anything, others make small camps with their friends which are also overrun. The rest make large camps in grocery stores,mansions, and museums. And others still just hide in the shadows constantly moving. One of these groups decides to go with a strange boy to Buckingham palace where it is supposedly safe. Will they make it? You will have to read the book.
Here is a link to there website.

My first day of school is tomorrow (Monday), and my friend is going to make his own blog on that day, so if it is any good I will post a link in the news section (which I need to update). I can not way to see what he writes about.

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