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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What google says #2

This post is about what funny things google says. This will be A-L, also sorry for not posting in a while, school has been a little rough with soccer try outs last week.

A- Atari breakout- this is a google Easter egg (just so you know).
D-daft punk
(some of these are kind of dull and nothing funny or interesting comes up)
F-funny pictures
H-happy friendship day
I-Iphone 6
J-nothing good for j
K-knights email

Nothing interesting at all today, now for my usual things:

Over the weekend I downloaded a new Star Wars BattleFront 2 map called Tusken Camp. This map is on Tatooine and you can play conquest,XL,hunt,and assault. This map has added a few new characters like the commander and explosives expert. I usually play it on XL since this to me is the most fun for this small map. On XL there are 3 tanks and 5 speeders per team, added to this there are a lot of units since it is XL. So on the line of battle there is mass destruction and lots of explosions. I really like this map.

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