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Sunday, August 25, 2013

TNT run on Minecraft

I found a mini game server where you can play different mini games and for the different games you can buy perks with in game coins. My favorite part about this server is the TNT games. There are 3 games playable by non VIPs and they are wizard, bow spleef, and TNT run. My favorite is TNT run because you have to have really good parkour skills to win. I have won twice. They have 3 different TNT run maps and 2 wizard maps and 1 bow spleef map.
 Wizard is where you chose your wizard (fire,Kennetic,or ice) the fire wizard shoots fire balls the Kennetic (sorry if I spelled it wrong) wizard has a short range rail gun, the ice wizard makes you slow. I like this because it is a really fun mini game that is short and sweet and the map is destructive. Fire balls can destroy parts of a building making blocks fly through the air.
TNT run is where you run around and where you step the ground disappears. This means you have to constantly keep moving. Near the end of the match you have to constantly jump just to get to another block of gravel and TNT. I like this because I am good at it.
Bow spleef is where you have a bow and you have to try to get all 23 other people to fall out of the map. This server has many other mini games not just TNT games but this is my favorite. The server's website is link.

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