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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

World of Tanks #2

World of Tanks is a fun game I have written a review in a older post if you want to see that.

I was playing World of Tanks after the new update and I noticed I was playing on a new map I think, it may not be new I just had never played on them and I don't know the names of this map. It is this really fun and small map where it is winter time and there are 2 dried up river beds that sort of act as a trench for the tanks. I like this map because of its small size and lots of cover.
I also was reading some things in the setting and noticed once I research my tier 6 tank I will be able to play in a new game mode called assault. I can not wait to get there but I think it may take a while since I am still on my tier 4 tank and not even close to getting my tier 5.

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