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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star wars book

When I was in the car driving to Michigan I re-read a lot of books. When I got to Michigan I bought a book called Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact. I got it because I had the Republic Commando game (I had not yet installed the game then). This book was about another squad that all the members of the squad were the only survivors of their other squads after Geonosis. They are sent on their first mission to Quillira to find and sabotage separatist's buildings. They are in a old but supped up farm vehicle so they can drop in unnoticed. The vehicle breaks down and Darman is the last of his squad (Fi,Atin,and Niner) out of the ship spraining his ankle on landing. I think this book is well written and has a good story. Don't forget to read the sequel if you like it. Go to Karen Traviss's website here.

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