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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Slice of Life Dropping the computer

Today I went to write my slice when I noticed there as a glare from the sun on my computer screen. I decided I should move and picked up my laptop. I had lifted it 4-5 inches off of the table when I dropped it. It hit the table and the battery popped. No sever damage was done. When I went to reboot it, it said system repair (recommended) or start windows normally. I chose system repair fearing of more damage. It said it would have to go to a previous time in the computers life. It did not go to far back but deleted my Google Chrome and Minecraft.Everything else was still there. I re-installed Google Chrome and it still had all the stuff I had use to have on it. It was a very interesting experience.

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  1. That does make your heart pick up speed, I'm sure. It's never fun when you think (even for an instant) that you've broken something. I like how you sequenced the events as they happened--good specifics.