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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Translated Dancing: Slice of Life #2

This is my second slice of life of 2013. Today I am going to talk about the Vlogbrothers and one of their newest videos, Hank Green's "Translating Dance Songs". The link is here.

John Green & Me
 In the video Hank translates Gangam Style, Soulja Boy, and 2 other songs that I can't name. I watched the video 3 or 4 times. I like it that much. One reason I like it is because the video is funny. He has a literal translation of the songs.I also never knew that was what I was listening to when I listened to those songs. I recommend this video because it is a shortened translation of what the song writers are saying.

I like John and Hank Green the same. I have met John Green at NCTE 2011. That year it was in Chicago. My mom was Hank Green's English teacher when he was a senior. So I hope I will get to meet him some time in my future. John writes books and Hank makes music for DFTBA records. DFTBA means don't forget to be awesome.



  1. I met John Green at that same NCTE. What a cool guy he is!

    I also had the chance to see him last fall at the National Book Festival. If you haven't seen that, the Library of Congress has a webcast here: http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/kids-teachers/authors/john_green. He was as amazing as ever. After the one hour talk, he signed books for 3 hours (most authors only did one). He wouldn't leave until the last person in line got the chance to see him at the signing table. The Festival even had to move him to another booth to keep going.

    I'm glad to see you slicing, Squirrley. Hope we can have dinner again at next year's NCTE or ALAN (I was with Jen, Noah, Cindy, your mom, and you at MGM. I think it was the night you arrived? I know my icon doesn't show much aside from one of my bees, so I thought I'd let you know who I am :) ).

  2. Cool post! I watched the John Green video and liked it. From FannyTwoBoots. Check out my blog here:


  3. How fun! I always wondered what "Gangnam Style" was saying! I love John Green's books (especially The Fault in Our Stars), so I'm jealous that you got to meet him! I hope you are enjoying the Slice of Life Challenge! It is a challenging and rewarding experience.
    My students are slicing this year too, at http://kidblog.org/WritingOurOwnWords/