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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slice of Life: Hungry Games

Today I watched Hank,Emily and Micheal play the Hungry Games!! In this they play a game that requires them to catch little fishes with a fishing pole. If they win they eat a yummy brownie if they lose they eat a gross brownie. The gross brownies can have stuff from spam to caviar. The good brownies have good tasty treats in them. I don't know what stuff they have in them because they did not comment on the good brownies.
The lord of ages game is awesome I have played it for two days now. In the beginning (where I am now) all you do for quests is easy things like upgrade this or build that. You can also attack things. If you attack the sub volcanic furnace you can watch the action.If you send out your men to attack some thing they either come back with a war report or die in the battle. NOTE: Do not attack the furnace without having archers or more than 10 pike men.I did that and lost all my soldiers. Pike men will be , unless you have a lot of them, mowed down by the artillery and pike men of the furnace. With archers you will be able to attack from a distance this will help you. Also I suggest getting the transporters to carry the men's supplies.
In Minecraft I played more of the battle for Conwy castle. It is fun and suggest you join it. It is almost always full in the afternoon.I played minecraft while when ever I died checked on my Lord of Ages place. A little weird I know but the things take forever to build on Lord of Ages.

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