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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slice of Life: braces

Today I got braces. Since around 11:50 they have hurt, a lot. I could not even eat my sandwich and pretzels for lunch. luckily I had a cheese stick.I could eat the cheese stick. I have now a full mouth of metal. The braces up front almost feel to big and it almost hurts to talk. Talking is also weird because you can't touch the top of your mouth that well. I can not really make a hissing sound, it just comes out hitthh.
Swallowing is also a challenge. I have to suck my saliva back almost into my throat then do a weird awkward not tongue involved swallow. My appliance is not right up against the top of my mouth so my tongue has less movement when swallowing.Otherwise it is not that bad.

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