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Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been reading but I just have not posted about the books so today I am posting about Everlost, the first book to be posted about in a while.

Everlost is a separate world from the living world. It is in the same place and the same time as the living world. Children, only children go to Everlost. Everlost is a place for things that were so loved that they will always be alive. In Ever lost memory is more powerful than gravity. If you forget how you look you can change how you look. You can forget your name in Everlost. If you try hard to forget something you will never forget it. It takes 9 months for you to wake up after entering Everlost. Allie and Nick both died in the same car crash. They woke up at the same time. Nick was on his way to a funeral and Allie, I forgot wear Allie was going. Nick was eating a chocolate bar so he had chocolate on his face. When they wake they meet Liefe. Liefe has been in his forest for 200 years. He will leave that day. What awaits them in Everlost find out by reading the book.

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