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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Insurgent and school is out so I can post

I can finally post since school is out and in May I got Minecraft for the PC.

Insurgent is the great sequel to Divergent about Beatrice Prior who goes from the humble Abnegation to the fierce,dangerous, and fearless Dauntless.  The five factions are crumbling after the brain-dead Dauntless woke from the attack on Abnegation to get the file that explains everything.  The Erudite where in charge of the simulation that killed almost all the Abnegation.  Beatrice at this point is known as Tris a name she gave herself when she became a initiate.  Know to Insurgent after all the grief that she gained from shooting one of her best friends she throws herself into dangerous situations.  When Candor headquarters is attacked the Dauntless decide to execute the prisoner of war and leave.  Deciding to go to the old Dauntless headquarters they shoot all the cameras with paintball guns ending up with a paintball fight.

Know to Minecraft  I have been playing for a while so on creative mode I blew up villages and had a awesome time.  On survival mode I live in a tree, died twice, and shot a arrow once then died and lost my bow.  I really want to make a huge statue of something I don,t care just not my skin because my skin is a awesome but hard to make green assasin.  Also if you play on a cool server tell me because I don't know any.  Also have you ever of the war mod that allows you to have to teams that can be in any time basicaly and battle? If so tell me!!

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