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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artemis Fowl

sorry for not  posting I got a puppy so I have been pretty busy.

Artemis fowl is about a 11 year old boy who is searching for a fairy.  When he found one his Butler took out a camera and took a picture of every page of the book.  The book was close to Egyptian writing but still differentt.   After de-coding the book he found out that a fairy that is low on magic must complete a ritual before they get there magic back.   He then went to a river bend every night to see if a fairy was to complete the ritual.

Far underground a city named the Haven is buzzing with life.  Holly Short is a LEPrecon officer.  Her boss named Julius known as Root.  Holly is the only female LEPrecon officer.  When on a mission to capture a troll that is on the lose she can not shield herself from the humans. Root tells her to don't come back till you complete the ritual.  Once at the river bend she is taken hostage by Artemis.

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