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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horton Halfpott plays Minecraft

Yesterday I reread Horton HalfpottHorton Halfpott is about a  boy named Horton Halfpott, the story began when M'lady Luggertuck loosened her corset causing her to not be as angry.  All of the servants started to slack off a bit.  Horton never slacked off because he need to help his family by getting money to pay for a doctor for his father.  One day M'lady Luggertuck received a letter from her sister, saying that her son Montegeo fancied a lady visiting nearby Smugwick Manor, and asked to have ball.  Know Luther a greedy fiend knew the lady, whom was very rich, and so he devised a plot to force her into marriage.

Last night I was over at my friends house and just my luck he owned Minecraft(on the computer)!  so we played for two hours back and forth, back and forth.  We made a 4 by 4 block square 5 blocks high of  TNT spawned about 100 creepers in there and blew it up. The explosion made us hit rock bottom of the Minecraft world.  We also made a nether portal and blew up  Nether ruins (which are awesome).  I picked a fight with a blaze, killed some zombie pigmen, and saw a Ghast.  Sadly the game crashed soon after.

If Horton Halfpott played Minecraft he would probaly build a hospital for his dad.  The hospital would be for free so he would not have to work at Smugwick Manor.  He would have the best doctors from around the world come and treat his father.  After his father was healed he would let the NPC villagers be healed and treated and help make a house for his whole family.

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  1. I will have to go back and reread Horton Halfpott--sounds like some clever characters there.