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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Minecraft style

If you have not herd the (not so) new parody of Gangam style it is awesome.You would have to see the one made by Tryhard Ninga, and Captain Sparkles.The animation of it is really good and DFTBA.


Here is a image of the video.


  1. Hello, my name is Michael. I am a big MineCraft fan. I heard captain sparkelz's gungnam style parody and it sound's great. I have been playing MineCraft for 2 years and I remember when MineCraft first came out. It was really popular, but I was skeptical at first, but as it got better, people started to talk more about the updates and I tried it out and LOVE it. The version i started playing was MieCraft alpha 1.2.6. It was fun but i didn't know what to do ( by the way im telling you how i started to play MineCraft). So i look up minecraft on you tube and saw a tutorial and i clicked on it and found out how to play. so here i am, playing minecraft beta 1.4.4, and it's kinda hard with the hunger bar (but i manage). so i hope we can talk soon.

    1. The way I found Minecraft was a freind of mine told me about so I got the Pocket Edition.Back then the Pocket Edition was only creative and there was no weapons or tools. I told my friends about and they started playing it too.They all bought the computer version before me but I still got it during 1.2.5 I never new there was a alpha.I have played it since then and the first of my friends to buy the online one and to make a server has his IP in "Some News"