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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yes that is right for all those people who look at this I am a nerdfighter.This is a server for nerdfighters like me. I have only been it twice and it has been open for a week and already there are some people who have plots on DFTBA Avenue (I am saving up for one I can't wait),also there are going to be some apartments in the Hogwarts map they downloaded on to the server. It is awesomer than any other server (not including speedball cause speedball is a different type of server) I have ever talked about.They buit plots near the spawn that you can buy , most are already sold but some were just made today and have not yet been sold. I am looking to buy a plot that cost 8 thousand lammas (that is what they call there currency) right know I have 4500 lammas.The way I get my lammas are killing creepers, skeletons,zombies,and some times a spider.The server gives you lammas when you kill a mob.
There are some pretty cool things built in the plots near spawn.Check out the server and you will find out.

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