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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lord of the Rings

A while back I read the Lord of the Rings series. I first started out with the Hobbit then I read the whole series.

The Hobbit
I read the Hobbit because a friend of mine had started to read the Fellowship of the Ring. I asked him what the first book in the series.He said the prequel (which means before the story) is called the Hobbit.I went online and bought the Hobbit for kindle. I read it in about a week. I loved the story of Bilbo Baggins and the unexpected adventure.
In the story Bilbo Baggins of the Shire is sitting in his dining room having some tea when Gandalf The Grey knocks on his door. The next day at the same time ,tea time, two dwarves arrived at his door.This went on until there were twelve dwarves.Then Gandalf arrived. The dwarves talked of great riches and dragons and Bilbo just listened as if it were a fairy tale.The next day he went on a uenxpected journey.Read it to find out the rest.
Random quote from Smeagol: "Bagginsess, what tis a Bagginsess?"
The Fellowship of the Ring
Bilbo is done with his adventure and is very old.He has unwillingly given the ring to Frodo Baggins of the Bucks.Frodo now must bring the ring to mount DOOM.In the beginning Frodo and his friends Sam,Pippin, and Merry (all boys Merry is a boy) are going to see the elves.On the way there they have to hide many times from the Ring Wraiths after they arrive they stay for a few months and say hi to Bilbo who is with the elves.They leave to a epic journey you will have to find in the book.
The Two Towers
Frodo and his fellow travelers are now separated. Merry and Pippin are taken by the Orks Borimir is dead Angamar, Gimili, and Legolas must now find there friends. Sam and Frodo are going to Mount Doom.Angamar, Gimili, and Legolas are chasing the orks that have stollen there friends. The orks are cutting through Rohan. It will be there last mistake.The Rohan horse men slay every last ork and burn the bodies.The travelers ask the Rohan men were there friends are.Merry and Pippin have ran into the forest.Will they come out or not? You read it and you will find out.
The Return of the King
In Return of the King I can't say anything with out spoiling it so I will say this.It is pretty much all battle and not much traveling.There are some huge awesomely described battles.Read it please do read it.
In Minecraft I am going to make a huge hobbit hole. It will be up Sat. or Sun. this week.

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