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Monday, December 31, 2012


I should of made this post early like maybe on Christmas Day but oh well.This is a post about and who came over for Christmas Dinner.
On the 23rd my little cousins, Grace (who is 5) and Kate (who is 3) came over from New York and stayed at our house till the night of Christmas.They were all full of energy and wore me out on the first day of there stay.The next day I slept in latish and they woke before me.I had woken up at around 9:00 (that is latish to me) and came out to see my cousins running around the living room.Once I woke up we went outside for a walk.My youngest cousin tried to ride the scooter but failed so my aunt ,Jennifer, had to ride the small scooter around the block.My uncle ,Nelson, held their hands.Luckily as usual there were no cars on the road.
My aunt ,Joe, and uncle ,Kevin, also came. I know they stayed at a hotel and were in Florida since Friday the 21st. I don't see them often so it was nice to see them.
My grandparents on my dad's side always came down so I see them every year.My grandma came down first and my grandpa came on Sunday the 23rd.They are always nice to see.
My grandparents on my mom's side also came to see us.They live in Florida so I see them more then any of my other relatives or grandparents.

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