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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Uglies and The Pretties

The Uglies
In the first book of The Uglies series (This link looks like the one for Leviathan but isn't.),  Tally is a teenager who is almost 16. In Tally's community at the age 16 you become (as they call it) pretty.Tally's friend had just become a pretty and she felt lonely. She decided to go across the river separating the two towns and see Peris (her friend).He was at a formal party.She had to sneak by everyone she saw until she found a pig mask.If you get caught in New Pretty Town and you were not pretty you would be in serious trouble.When Tally finds him he is entering a elevator. He tells the elevator to hold and they talk (this is a futuristic book so they have AIs everywhere even in the buildings).To Tally Peris seems weird and different.She escapes the party by grabbing a bungee jacket (which uses hover technology) and jumps off the roof.She meets someone while hiding from the pretty wardens.She meets Shay. Shay uses a tricked hover board to fly across the river. Learn more about these new friends when you read the book.
The Pretties
After accidental destroying the Smoke, finding out pretties have a lesion (something that subdues them) in there brain, and seeing her friend as a pretty she will risk almost anything to fix her actions.Maddy has found a cure for the lesion but Shay will not take it willingly.Tally decides to write herself a letter.Tally becomes pretty and doesn't remember much from the smoke.She becomes a part of this clique that you can only get in by doing tricks when you where ugly.She starts to date the leader of the group who is named Zane. Zane knows there is something wrong with them but is not sure what. After seeing a ugly at a party who sent a left a message in a locked shed on top of a building she and Zane need to find it. Read about there amazing acts to get the shed open by reading the book.

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