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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Uglies part 2

I finished Special the third book in the Uglies before I made the other post but I wanted to wait till I finished Extras.In Special Tally becomes a part of Special-Curcumstances.She is a special special though and is a cutter.A cutter is a special that did not use the pills to become bubbly.She is tracking Zane and the other crims as they go to New Smoke.But New Smoke is huge.Find out how big by reading the books.
In Extras the main character is Aly, Aly is a kicker (also known as a vlogger)she has kicked (posted) everything about herself.Sadly she is still ugly only 15 almost 16.She saw these girls mag-lev. riding (type of train) one night.She has been trying to track them down since.One night she finds there hideout.Entering it she is pushed off her board.What happens read the book.

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