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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Harry Potter Craft

Harry Potter Craft
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On this Harry Potter server you can cast spells, buy spells, join the dark mark, or join Hufflepuff like me. This server has amazing maps of London and of Hogwarts. I have not finished traveling the halls yet. They add one spell a week, and the spells use red stone.On the forums you will see one that says texture pack.Do not download the server texture pack it is the default texture pack.Go to that thread and go to the link.If you do not know how to download a texture pack look it up because I barely know how as well. After you have downloaded it you can come on ( you don't have to download it, it just makes the world look better).Explore Hogwarts find secret tunnels do awesome parkour challenges, have spleef duels, and have a ton of fun.If you see someone with the user name squirrel440 that is me.

I also found an achievement generator!!

That is my skin's face by the way.

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