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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update on Unwholly

In this update on Unwholly I have actually finished the book. So in Unwholly the Akron AWOL is running the Graveyard. They know they could be raided at any moment so they have a weaponry jet. Every once in a while Connor takes a small group of his AWOL's and goes to a house to save a kid about to be unwound the next day. They still get the kids boxed up in a barrel or box every time a jet comes. One day a boy called Starkey come in a coffin (this is what they sent them in). He is alive of course they don't send dead AWOL's. He is someone who likes to have power. He may die for that power and will kill others. Will the juvies attack?What happens you must find out.                                          .     I have this project that I am doing for my Social Studies class. It is really fun. My partner is one of my friends. This project is about different countries. Each group has a different country. I have Ethiopia in Western Africa near Somalia. I have to paint the flag on to our show board. It is actually kind of fun and easy. I have had a little help though. I can not wait till this project is complete!!!

Ethiopian Flag

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